Geo-poker makes geocaching more interesting

GeoPoker is a GPS game in which players try to assemble the best poker hand by being the first to find a moving container holding a GeoPoker log. Each time the container is found, the finder is awarded one virtual playing card at random. Each finder chooses the next hiding spot for the container and the GeoPoker log.

Games can use either real, physical containers that players themselves move from spot to spot, or games can use virtual containers that the game engine randomly moves about using randomly selected waypoints. In virtual GeoPoker, players only need to get within 100 meters of the target waypoint to claim success, because there’s no physical container to find or even any secret clue to identify. GeoPoker uses the honor system to prevent cheating.

The finder is awarded his virtual playing card when he logs his find online. This should be done as soon as possible after the find, so other players will know the container has moved and not hunt for it in an old location. The container will be moved fifty two times. Fifty two hunts. Fifty two first-to-finds. After all fifty two cards have been “dealt”, the player with the best poker hand “wins.”

GeoPoker is designed for players who excel at being first-to-find. They will have fifty two chances to try. The game will also appeal to players who enjoy the thrill of friendly competition. Just like real poker, the skilled players have an advantage. But there’s just enough luck involved for even the casual player to feel like they have a chance to win, too.

This is not a game for an afternoon picnic. With eager players, one game could be over in days. With laid-back players, a game can last weeks.

Players can hold up to five cards by repeatedly being first to find. When a player holds five cards, he must discard a playing card before he is allowed to collect another. By being quick to find and choosing his discards wisely, a player can gradually improve his poker hand.

No player can “find” the log where he himself hid it. Also, players are not allowed to share information with other players except by posting finds and notes on the Web site. In other words, no private collaborations giving some players advance information about when and where the GeoPoker container will be hidden.

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